Philadelphia Walking Tour – Murder In The Jazz Age

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The Without A Cue Walking Tour series is back with even more mystery…and murder!

​Ain’t we got fun? It is the Roaring 20’s and this joint is jumpin’! If you yearn to step back in time to when guys and dolls danced the night away in hidden speakeasies, then join us for a historical walking tour with a murderous twist!

Poor James Cosgrove…he’s had a rough night. After being booted out of Atlantic City and losing his job as a pianist at his club, he headed back home to Philadelphia…only to encounter trouble every where he went. And now it seems that he has been the victim of a murder – and it is up to you to catch his killer!

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WHAT: Walking tours through Old City in Independence National Historic Park

PARKING: Parking Available at 5th and Market (only $7 after 5pm Fri and Sat)

WHEN: Tours begin and end at the Liberty Bell Center at 7pm and 8:30pm.

PRICE: $25 per guest. Please retain your receipt as your ticket, as hard copy tickets will not be issued.

​Call 267.994.1056 or email


After gathering at the crime scene and meeting James, your guide, you will be tasked with inspecting the scene and gathering the clues. Then, James will lead you on a walking tour of Independence Park, while reliving the last hour of his life. You will be regaled of stories about Philadelphia in the 1920’s while also meeting and questioning the suspects you meet along the way. And perhaps, just perhaps, you can stay one step ahead of a wily murderer, avoid a similar fate, and have a chance to solve a – MURDER IN THE JAZZ AGE!

The walk is about an hour long, so wear comfortable shoes! While the route is stroller friendly, we would recommend that all guests be comfortable with walking about a quarter of a mile.

There will be a series of stops along the way, where you will be able to access clues via the magic of QR codes (but we have you covered if your phone isn’t QR friendly!) At each stop you will encounter suspects, played by professional actors. They will act out scenes that will provide more clues to help you solve the mystery!