Solve a Mystery on the Move!

Explore your favorite city in a whole new way - by solving a mystery! Join us for one of our meandering mysteries, out doors and on the move! Play detective with crime solving friends as you search for clues to discover whodunnit!

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Solve a crime with your ghostly tour guide!
Join us at the crime scene of a long past (fictional) murder, then be led on a historical tour by the victim himself.  You will meet suspects along the way, inspect more clues, then finally get take a stab at solving the crime – all while enjoying a picturesque walking tour.
We also have murder free options for our younger crowd!

Walking Tour Mysteries

join us for a mysterious adventure

Using your smart phone, you will be out and about, while finding out whodunnit. During this game played at your own pace, you will venture to several historic sites, gathering clues along the way. This fantastic family friendly game is great fun while checking out the sites on vacation or just getting to know your home town better. The whole family can play – or your whole group of friends – with just one purchase.

Mystery Hunts

Without A Cue Productions produces interactive and immersive theater in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

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